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On behalf of Masai Mwinzi and Anticio Duke, I am pleased to announce the official launching of Foreign Intrigue (Fi) and welcome you all to our site.  Over the past few months, a lot of effort has been invested in the concept and design of this site. We will pursue the concept of integrating the expertise and experience of our staff with the participation of you, our readers, in an effort to create a truly unique space for global news analysis and opinion. It is our hope that you will find our site to be an informative source on issues around the globe.  Our writers will offer insightful analysis of global issues. While the site will initially remain the purview of a small group of credentialed writers, we hope to expand our staff to include those that pursue study of International Relations (IR) and are interested in becoming part of our effort here at Fi.  Background information on writers can be found under the category ‘About’ in ‘The Team’ section at the top of the home page.  The site will also accept contributions in the form of articles and blog posts from guests.  The writers here at Fi will strive to bring you a number of offerings.  Among them will be:


  • Daily blog posts:  These posts will present events and issues from around the world in a blog format that makes for succinct and interesting analysis. Inspiring an exchange of ideas via discussion on each blog is an important part of each blog post.  The blog will remain the main component of the site in the near-future as we continue to develop other parts of the site. 


  • Articles:  Written pieces will appear on the site addressing specific events and issues while also providing those outside of the academic realm of international relations with an exposure to how international relations theory can assist the reader in understanding world events. 


  • Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi:  This section will provide links (and occasionally commentary) to stories at news sources around the world. Americans often confine themselves to domestic media sources and our motivation in this section is to dig-up and provide important stories to the reader.  “Hi-Fi” stories will be those of somewhat greater understanding; the Syrian civil war, international drug war events, and the war in Afghanistan.  “Lo-Fi” articles will be stories from around the globe that have received less exposure in the media than they deserve.  It is our hope that we can provide you with an avenue by which these lesser-reported events, such as the Burmese government transition, Russian nationalist resurgence, and the conflict over South China Sea claims, gain greater exposure and stir discussion.


  • Comments: We encourage the participation of our readers in creating a debate on the topics. This is a vital component of our effort to create a public discourse based on informed debate rather than soundbite-style arguments and remarks. As often as possible, we encourage you to provide links and background for your claims and assertions when discussing a topic. It is important to note that while social media will be a useful tool in providing a link to daily blog posts and to assist us in growing by ‘sharing’ our site links on social media, Foreign-Intrigue.com is not a social media site. As the reader, we are hopeful that you will provide us useful advice on what works for you as a user and what does not. However, this is not a place to comment flippantly in single-sentence diatribes. We would very much appreciate your efforts to make informed comments that drive debate.  In an effort to ensure that the discourse remains one that facilitates understanding of an issue, we will set some rules for the commenting:


  • No personal attacks.  None.
  • Conspiracy and unfounded claims will not be tolerated. The academic environment we will sustain here in discussing global events and issues is best served by an involved, invested public that substantiates each claim with facts and, when necessary, links and references to information that supports the claim of the person posting the comment.  If, in the course of a thread debate on a given topic, a member resorts to wildly unsubstantiated claims of a conspiratorial nature, we will eliminate the comments in order to sustain a healthy debate that branches out into areas in which more information is available to our readers.  The purpose of this site is to inform, not to provide a platform for arguments. Discussion and debate is our goal.
  • Extremist views will not be tolerated. There is a fine line to be found between challenging established conventions and resorting to conspiratorial accusations and promoting violence-based action. None of this will be tolerated at Fi.

Our purpose in creating this site is to provide a place where academics, military veterans, and other interested parties in the international affairs field can find well-written blogs on important issues, links to world event stories, and guidance for finding other resources in understanding global events. Americans are, by and large, not served well by their media in reporting on news of global issues and events. Our motivation is to bring the global news network into a local focus. Events around the world impact security, markets, and the lives of billions each day. We hope to help further your understanding of “why” and inspire you to become involved in the field.  There are many factors that conflate to explain why global events are so misunderstood; the lack of informed opinion in American media, the use of social media and the public’s willingness to accept non-accredited opinion as fact, and the focus of many in the media (both conventional and social) on argument rather than nuanced debate. Our goal is to establish a new systematically-structured approach to public participation and debate of international relations and global events: exposure to a media source reporting on an event or issue, subsequent research of the topic, development of a thorough understanding of the topic, and finally, approaching the public discourse on the topic as an informed debate rather than a loud, vacuous, inconsequential argument.  We hope to facilitate this process in bringing you informed analysis and expert opinion.  We encourage you to ‘share’ and ‘like’ blog posts daily on Facebook and Twitter in order to provide more opportunities for a greater audience to become involved here at Fi. Each daily blog post will be linked to the Facebook page and will be shared on Twitter. Our Twitter handle is Fi_Blog_1.  

This site means to provide a vital space for intelligence debate on global issues and bring contemporary world events into a localized focus for all of you. Finally, we will be innovative and constantly re-conceptualize how we present information and analysis.  You can reach us individually at info@foreign-intrigue.com.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of what we aspire to build here.

Welcome to Foreign Intrigue.


Eric Jones

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Eric Jones

Eric Jones

Director, Co-founder, and Editor in Chief at Foreign Intrigue. Eric researches and writes about international affairs and US foreign policy, particularly Europe, Russia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. You can email Eric at Eric.Jones@Foreign-Intrigue.com. Follow Eric on Twitter via @Intrigue_Jones. Follow Foreign Intrigue on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ForeignIntrigue.


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