Forthcoming at Foreign Intrigue: A First-Person Accounting of the War in Iraq

In the next 48 hours, Foreign Intrigue be publishing a first-person accounting of the ongoing war in Northern Iraq. One of our writers has personally interviewed an Iraqi military officer and we have two hours of transcribed personal descriptions of the battle against the Islamic State. What the officer offers in the interview will be a dynamic characterization in strategic terms, what the Iraqi military needs to be successful in beating back the IS, and how the United States will be vital in that fight.

For now, you can find a great article coloring the battle for Western eyes at, courtesy of Jack Murphy. Jack interviewed personnel on the ground, having been involved in the battle there from the start:

‘Iraq: All my Friends are Dead, I Can’t Love a Woman, I’m Gonna Die Here’


“Jack, is anyone talking about us?  Does anyone care about us?”

I told him that I went on television the other day to talk about the battles he was fighting but other than that it is just scattered media reports from a handful of journalists.  I said that I proposed a coalition between the Kurds, Yezidi, and Turkmen to defeat ISIS but he was bitter, fatalistic, and probably very realistic when he said that it would never happen.  None of them trust each other and the PKK hates the Kurdish government just slightly less than ISIS. (Murphy,, August 29)

Stay tuned.

Eric Jones
Editor in Chief
Foreign Intrigue

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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Eric Jones

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