Mission Statement

Foreign Intrigue provides nonpartisan international relations and security analysis, policy recommendations, and strategic innovation based upon historical analysis, current realities, and emerging trends within the modern, hyper-connected geopolitical environment.

Fi achieves this through scholarly research and analysis on international affairs and events in an effort to Localize the Globe.

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The Team

Co-Founder, Director, and Editor in Chief

Eric Jones

Eric was awarded a Master of Arts in Political Science (international relations and foreign comparative politics) from Northern Illinois University in May 2006. His research focused on international relations theory, international institutions and governmental organizations, international security, international political economy, international law, non-state actors, asymmetric warfare, economic development, governance, and democratization. Additionally, he contributed in-depth research on international security conventions and nuclear non-proliferation regimes.

Subsequent to his graduate work, Eric served six years active duty as a soldier in the United States Army. His service included two deployments to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

Eric’s foreign comparative political studies focused on Central and Eastern Europe and, more specifically, Russian government and policy: post-Cold War Russian Federalism and foreign policy. He focused most of his program research on the post-Soviet space, specifically Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Additionally, he focused heavily on the post-war Balkan states. He has significant study of development in Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Eric has written extensively on international relations, American foreign policy, national security strategies, Russian policy, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) enlargement, international conflict, aid and development, and the international system.

Eric’s research and writing concentrates heavily on Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, the post-Soviet Central Asian states, Xinjiang, and Afghanistan.  He also writes extensively on national security and foreign policy, NATO, the European Union, and United States defense policy.


Co-Founder, Director, Editor in Chief, and Senior Writer

Masai Mwinzi

Masai is a 2005 graduate of the Department of Engineering Technology at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois and earned his Masters of Business Administration from Lewis University in May of 2014. Masai is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Intrigue and has written articles on African governance and the future of the application of technology in aiding underdeveloped countries.


Director, Managing Editor, and Writer

John A. Bertetto

John A. Bertetto is a sworn member of the Chicago Police Department. His current areas of study and work include criminal street gangs, social network analysis, and asymmetric threat mitigation. He is the author of Counter-Gang Strategy: Adapted COIN in Policing Criminal Street Gangs, Countering Criminal Street Gangs: Lessons from the Counterinsurgent Battlespace, Designing Law Enforcement: Adaptive Strategies for the Complex Environment, and Toward a Police Ethos: Defining Our Values as a Call to Action. Officer Bertetto’s most recent research article “Reducing Gang Violence through Network Influence Based Targeting of Social Programs” has been accepted to the Industry & Government Track of the 2014 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) annual conference, a conference with a 20% acceptance rate.

Officer Bertetto has worked street patrol, organized crime, and research and development assignments. His applied research projects have led to collaborative partnerships with students and faculty at USMA West Point, George Mason University, and the University of Maryland. He is one of the primary designers and the law enforcement SME behind the GANG social network analysis software, which has been featured in Popular Science, Governing, and on MIT’s technology blog, as well as profiled on ABC and BBC news.

Officer Bertetto holds a Master of Science degree from Western Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration degree from St. Xavier University. John’s Scribd is available here. You can follow John on Twitter @ChiTownCopper.


Guest and contributing writers

Dave Coughran
Dave Coughran is a 2014 Master in Public Policy candidate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, currently studying diplomacy and international affairs. Coughran completed two tours to Iraq as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. He speaks Arabic and has served in numerous advisory posts to militaries and governments from the Middle East.

Clayton Henry
Clayton Henry is currently a graduate student at The American University studying U.S. foreign policy and national security in the Department of History. He served three years as a military intelligence analyst prior to graduate school, during which time he deployed to eastern Afghanistan in 2011-2012.

Alexandra Jones
Alexandra Jones has been a strategic crime analyst with the police in The Hague, The Netherlands for the past eight years. Her main interest is in criminal street gangs, network analysis, and threat assessments. Currently mainly charged with research and development assignments, she has also worked organized crime, homicide, and political extremism.

Chris Masiello
Chris spent four years as an enlisted soldier in the US Army, deploying to Iraq for 15 months in 2008-09, serving as an all-source analyst with 2nd BDE 1st Armored Division.  After his enlistment, Chris spent 16 months in Afghanistan in support of US, Afghan, and Australian forces.  He is currently attending The George Washington University working towards a degree in statistics and data analysis.  He is also working as a policy and data analyst with the Veterans Benefit Administration. Follow Chris on Twitter: @cmasiello_.

Christopher Mercado
CPT (P) Chris Mercado. an Active Duty U.S. Army Infantry Officer, will attend the Georgetown Security Studies Program as a General Wayne A. Downing Scholar of the Combating Terrorism Center, USMA. Captain Mercado served three combat deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat advisor, Provincial Reconstruction Team member, and as a Rifle & HHC company commander. You can follow him on Twitter at @Christo96584430




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