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Commentary (Guest Submission): Pump the Brakes on United States Intervention in the Middle East

Today Foreign Intrigue is pleased to present an opinion piece by a guest contributor. Chris Masiello has submitted an article on the role of the United States in the dynamic geopolitical conflict currently engulfing large portions of the Middle East. Chris spent four years as an enlisted soldier in the United States Army, deploying to Iraq for 15 months in 2008-09 as an […]

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An American mechanized infantry company commander works with French and Albanian platoon leaders to establish defensive positions during decisive action training at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany.

Multinational Partnership at the Company Level

Today, Foreign Intrigue is pleased to bring you an article by guest writer CPT Sam Rosenberg of the United States Army on military multinational partnership at the company level. Sam is a United States Army Infantry Officer and a Downing Scholar at Georgetown’s Security Studies Program where he is an M.A. candidate. Sam has held leadership positions […]

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Voices from the Front: An Iraqi Army Officer’s Account of the Battle Against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)

Today, we’re pleased to present an exceptionally important article on the war against the Islamic State (IS) in Northern Iraq. Guest contributor CPT (P) Chris Mercado has conducted an interview with an Iraqi military officer active in the fight on the ground against IS. The duration of the interview lasted several hours.  The threat to Iraqi military fighting […]

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Transformers: Motorcycle Gangs and Extremism

Today, we here at Foreign Intrigue are very pleased to present an exceptional article by Alexandra Jones on extremism and motorcycle gangs. Alexandra has been a strategic crime analyst with the police in The Hague, The Netherlands for the past eight years. Her main interest is in criminal street gangs, network analysis, and threat assessments. She has […]

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Security Force Assistance: Creating a New Paradigm

Foreign Intrigue is pleased to provide an exceptional article on Security Force Assistance by guest contributor CPT (P) Chris Mercado. An Active Duty U.S. Army Infantry Officer, Chris will attend the Georgetown Security Studies Program as a General Wayne A. Downing Scholar of the Combating Terrorism Center, USMA. Captain Mercado served three combat deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan as […]

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Cuba No Longer Sponsors Terrorism

We are pleased to have the opportunity to publish another article today written by guest contributor Clayton Henry. Clayton is a former intelligence analyst in the United States Army and is currently a graduate student studying U.S. foreign policy and national security in the Department of History at The American University in Washington, DC.   Eric Jones Editor […]

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