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Photo courtesy of Rob Sinclair and Wikimedia Commons.

Is War Coming to the Caucasus?

On April 28, 2015 I examined the intensifying geopolitical rivalries converging in the Caucasus for an article at SOFREP. Specifically, I explored recent signs of escalating tensions in the South Caucasus. Several indicators appear to point to a possible military confrontation in Georgia. That article is below. Earlier this year, NATO announced plans to establish […]

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Featured photo courtesy of Yana Amelina and Wikimedia Commons.

Russia Signs Integration Treaty With South Ossetia

On April 3, my article on Russia and South Ossetia’s integration treaty was posted at Sofrep. You can find the article below. The original is available here. Thank you for reading. Eric Jones Foreign Intrigue On March 18, 2015, tensions between Russia and the South Caucasian country of Georgia were ratcheted upward with the signing […]

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Gagauzia: Strategic Point of Pressure

Gagauzia is a largely unknown autonomous region in Moldova. While its population is small, Gagauzia is potentially an important geostrategic piece in the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West. On March 26, 2015 the article below was posted at  On December 23, 1994, Gagauzia achieved status as a national territorial autonomous unit within Moldova. […]

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Military Modernization in Post Rose Revolution Georgia (Part One)

Below is part one of a three-part series examining the effects of the Rose Revolution of 2003, Georgia’s effort to modernize  its military, the government’s subsequent defining of new national defense strategy priorities, and how the Russo-Georgian war of August 2008 represented the first test of those aforementioned efforts under former President Mikheil Saakashvili. In […]

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Photo courtesy of Gusjer and Wikimedia Commons.

Uzbekistan: Human Rights Abuses, Line of Succession, and Central Asian Geopolitics (Part Two)

On February 24th, Part Two of my series on Uzbekistan was published at SOFREP. In Part One, I examined the changing security dynamic of Central Asia generally, the changing United States policy towards Uzbekistan, and the recent military modernization efforts of the former Soviet republic. In Part Two (below), I address issues related to the […]

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Featured photo courtesy of Lageroth and Wikimedia Commons.

Uzbekistan: U.S. Policy and the Changing Security Landscape of Central Asia (Part One)

Below is Part One of a two part series on Uzbekistan. In this series (originally published at, I address the Central Asian security landscape, United States policy changes towards Uzbekistan, the country’s military modernization efforts (including military hardware and arms sales), the regime’s history of human rights abuses, security threats, and the potential line of succession to […]

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