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Georgian Government: Instability in Tbilisi?

In the article below, published at Sofrep on December 6, I explore recent resignations and instability in Georgia’s national government amid growing concerns that the government in Tbilisi is increasingly unstable and susceptible to Russian aggression. In the article, I examine the recent instability wracking the government of Georgia and look ahead to possible outcomes for […]

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Moldova and Transnistria

On November 30, I wrote my first article on Moldova, titled Fracture Points: Moldova (Transnistria). In the article, I outlined recent parliamentary elections in Moldova, separatism in Transnistria, and the impact of both issues on on the security and political environment of Europe. On December 4, the companion piece to that first article was published at Sofrep. […]

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Georgia: Another War on the Horizon?

On February 3, I wrote an article that addressed several recent issues and events related to Georgia. Specifically, I outlined Russia’s ongoing effort to exacerbate the rift between the Georgian government in Tbilisi and Georgia’s breakaway territories, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The article, posted at, is below. In the context of the escalating war in Ukraine and […]

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Abkhazia Signs Treaty With Russia

On December 1, I wrote an article titled Abkhazia Integrates Military With Russia for Since the publishing of the piece, the Kremlin has continued its pursuit of integrating both Abkhazia and its fellow Georgian breakaway territory South Ossetia into its strategic effort to ensure and increase its influence over the governments of its near abroad. As […]

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Greek Election Results In: Pro-Russia, Euro-socialist Party Assumes Control

On January 31, I co-authored an article with Vasilis Chronopoulos at on the impact of the recent elections in Greece. Vasilis analyzed the results and provided context for understanding why the elections will have such a significant impact on the country. He also examined the reasons for radical left-wing Syriza’s victory and the impact that party leader […]

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Insurrection in Xinjiang

On September 29, I wrote of the growing insurrection in Xinjiang, China and the dilemma of the Uighur separatist movement. Xinjiang is a region of great geopolitical significance to Beijing and is central to China’s strategy to ensure long term Chinese access to essential energy supplies in Central Asia. Beijing has begun constructing railways and roads in earnest, […]

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Belarus: Looking Westward?

On January 28th, my article examining recent events involving Belarus and the administration of President Alexander Lukashenko was published at I examined policy changes in both Russia and Belarus to determine whether recent events, combined with statements by Lukashenko, signaled a potential adjustment to the security dynamic of Eastern Europe. In analyzing the effects of sanctions on Russia, […]

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Women in Barg-i-Matal village, Barg-i-Matal District, Nuristan Province cross a bridge over the Katigal River in July 2009.

Uzra: A Mother’s Final Stand In Nuristan

In August, I published an article at which detailed the heroic actions of a woman in Barg-i-Matal District, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. Uzra, a mother of a young child, lived in a village named Pachigram in northern Barg-i-Matal District. On August 1, 2014 Pachigram came under a massive attack by insurgents. Members of Uzra’s family were […]

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South Ossetia: Following Abkhazia Towards Russia?

As part of the fracture points series, I submitted articles over the past year on several strategic points of contention between a resurgent Russia and the West (the United States, its allies, and the European community). The article below was posted at (You can find the original article at, here, posted December 30, 2014) As the situation […]

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