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The Syrian Opposition and Regional Instability

On Monday we addressed an ongoing effort by members of an interventionist element in United States foreign policy circles to immediately invest U.S. “…lethal support…” on behalf of the rebel opposition fighting to unseat Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the ongoing civil war in Syria. An article at Foreign Policy Magazine, written by Michael Doran and […]

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The Syrian Civil War and Military Intervention

An article at ForeignPolicy last week proposed a disturbing premise: that the United States is missing an opportunity to provide support that would ostensibly tip the battle of the Syrian civil war in favor of the anti-Assad insurgency. The authors, Michael Doran and Salman Shaikh, assert that President Barack Obama has ignored “…an ironclad consensus… […]

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NATO and the 21st Century

The expansion and enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to include former Warsaw Pact member states has been the subject of analysis of how NATO remains relevant in the asymmetric battlefield of the 21st century. Originally created as a collective defense organization to burgeon Western Europe against the threat of an expanding, imperialist Soviet […]

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Welcome to Foreign Intrigue (Fi)

On behalf of Masai Mwinzi and Anticio Duke, I am pleased to announce the official launching of Foreign Intrigue (Fi) and welcome you all to our site.  Over the past few months, a lot of effort has been invested in the concept and design of this site. We will pursue the concept of integrating the expertise and […]

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