Foreign Intrigue welcomes and publishes original content from contributing authors.  Content should be suitable for the international relations and/or security audience, to include policy writers, theorists, defense analysts, and law enforcement practitioners. Per our Mission Statement, we seek to provide our readership with innovative and thought provoking material that, while analytically grounded in historical context, examines both current global realities and emerging geopolitical trends to advance the IR discussion and policy debates. New concepts in strategic design and tactical planning are also welcome, provided they are in alignment with our Mission Statement. Authors unsure if their submission meets these criteria are encouraged to send their original, unpublished work to Foreign Intrigue for review.  We will review what you submit and, if warranted, will publish original content as a  contributing author. Original content should be submitted to info@foreign-intriguedotcom

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submitted content should be edited by the author for spelling, content, and structure.
  2. Submitting authors agree to an editorial review by Foreign Intrigue editorial staff. This review is primarily cursory, ensuring that the above mentioned parameters have been met by the author, but also to ensure that organizational structure flows in a cogent manner and that relevant topics/thoughts/ideas are fully fleshed out.
  3. Foreign Intrigue editorial staff will try and keep edits to a minimum, but authors should expect their work returned with some measure of editorial feedback. Questions or issues raised by editorial staff must be addressed prior to publication.
  4. The editorial review process generally takes between 7-21 days.
  5. Documents should be submitted in a format that allows in-text changes. The preferred format is MS Word.
  6. Images and graphs should be submitted as attachments, and specific instructions on image placement within documents must be provided by the author.
  7. All submitted images and graphs must be original products of the author or the author must have written permission of the original designer for publication.
  8. Manuscripts should be submitted in an established writing style.
  9. Submission length should be a minimum of approximately 1500. Works longer than 2500 words will likely be split into multiple parts.
  10. Authors understand and agree that, should work be accepted for publication, it will be published under a Creative Commons license that provides for some permissive uses by Foreign Intrigue. This includes sharing via assorted social media outlets.
  11. Foreign Intrigue does not pay authors for submissions.
  12. Foreign Intrigue will recognize the individual making the submission as the original author.
  13. The original, submitting author retains copyright on their submission after publication at Foreign Intrigue and is free to use their work as desired.
  14. Foreign Intrigue appreciates recognition as original publication source for all cited works, including citations by the author.

Submission Checklist

  1. The original work in MS Word or, failing that, rich text.
  2. Author byline exactly as you would like it to appear.
  3. A brief but detailed biography, including qualifications, experience, or education as desired. Profile image (in the form of a photo) is also required for published articles. Links to social media profiles are also accepted as part of a bio.
  4. Original or authorized images and/or graphs in the form as you would like them to appear.
  5. Detailed description of where any and all images or graphs should appear.
  6. Contact information for Foreign Intrigues internal use (a good means of how to get in contact with you, not for publication).
  7. Twitter account name or Facebook page name so that we can tag you in our own social media postings.