The links below are websites that Foreign Intrigue recommends as credible sources for news  coverage and topical discussion.

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News Coverage

Foreign Policy

    Foreign Affairs –

    The Economist –

    Financial Times –

    The Long War Journal –

   Small Wars Journal –

   NPR (formerly National Public Radio) –

   British Broadcasting Corporation –

   Al Jazeera –


Think Tanks


    Council on Foreign Relations –

    The Center for American Progress –

    Eurasia Group –

    The Bookings Institution –

    The Goldwater Institute –

    The Foreign Policy Research Institute –

    The Heritage Foundation –

    American Foreign Policy Council –

    American Security Council Foundation –

    Analysis Group –

   Cato Institute –

    Center for a New American Security –

    Center for Advanced Defense Studies –

    Center for Global Development –

    Center for International Policy –

   The Chicago Council on Global Affairs –

Institute for the Study of War –

Foundation for Defense of Democracies –

   The International Institute for Strategic Studies –

Caerus Associates –

Kings of War –